Please welcome (back) title safe area

iPhone X rounded corners radius

Anticipated by spoilers the iPhone X is here, and rounded corners are back with a vengeance. I did not peek through the leaked iOS 11, I probably wouldn’t know where to look for because I am a designer, not a developer, still, using the official marketing images I took sometime to imagine the measurements of the… Continue reading Please welcome (back) title safe area

Send a letter to Tim

Ok, no more Ethernet port, I can get over it… Ok, no Usb-a, times change. Ok, no glowing apple logo, small displeasure, but still fine. OK, no start up chime, a hard blow, but I will survive. Ok, no magnetically attached power connector, a huge displeasure. But… Marcello Conta designer, actually lives in Madrid (ES),… Continue reading Send a letter to Tim