Signs of Italy

1955 "Torrefazione Caffè" sign by Vetreria Marisaldi Modena.

Italy heritage of talented artisans, painters, sculptors is rich. Not talking here about Botticelli or Michelangelo though… I am talking about the unknown artists whose craft decorated our shops, streets, and even manhole covers with letters. It has been a pleasure travelling to Modena with friends Matteo and Eugenio yesterday to attend James Clough speech on the reissue of Lazy… Continue reading Signs of Italy

Countdown to Kerning Conference

Instagram countdown to Kerning 2017

Kerning 2017 will take has taken place from June 7 to 9… This is our personal “one month left” countdown on Instagram celebrating the opening of the conference on June 9. I will be attending Richard Rutter workshop “Responsive Web Typography” on June 8, and the conference, of course.   #keming #conference #countdown #0 #typography #typitalics Marianna Paszkowska @allthosenotes Redesigning reading experience… Continue reading Countdown to Kerning Conference

Monotype Loves you*

Monotype Library Subscription

Monotype just released its new Library Subscription, and it will cost you less than a Mermaid Caffe Latte per week… Ok, I cheated already, It would be €299,99 (that is to say €8,34 monthly, or less than €2 weekly, you’re welcome for having me calculate that for you) only if you are committed to pay for a 3… Continue reading Monotype Loves you*

Send a letter to Tim

Ok, no more Ethernet port, I can get over it… Ok, no Usb-a, times change. Ok, no glowing apple logo, small displeasure, but still fine. OK, no start up chime, a hard blow, but I will survive. Ok, no magnetically attached power connector, a huge displeasure. But… Marcello Conta designer, actually lives in Madrid (ES),… Continue reading Send a letter to Tim

Spain National Awards

This morning, the King and the Queen of Spain, together with Carmen Vela, Secretary of State of Research, Development and Innovation from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness are presiding over the awards ceremony of the National Awards for Innovation and Design 2016. And once again I’m delighted to be part of this amazing event. This year,… Continue reading Spain National Awards

Graphic Means Preview

Graphic Means Preview

Last month I was among the few fortunate ones watching the first public preproduction screening of Graphic Means, the documentary exploring graphic design production of the 1950s through the 1990s by director/producer Briar Levit. It all happened at Fruit Exhibition, in Bologna, Italy. Very rarely we are witness of such world premieres but, thanks to a… Continue reading Graphic Means Preview