Nightmare before Christmas

If there is a graphic designer in your life, you already know that they can be the hardest people to please with a gift, and this task becomes especially complicated before Christmas. Gift buying for the design-savvy is not only difficult and time-consuming, it can even become intimidating. Graphic designers might seem a bit weirdoes… Continue reading Nightmare before Christmas

Music copyrights f**k


Since the origins of humankind, music has enriched people’s personal lives, but today, we also know that music can enrich our professional life too. Some studies affirm that, people who listen to music while they work, perform quicker and make fewer errors. Listening to music while working is, in fact, very important to me. For… Continue reading Music copyrights f**k

Paper lovers little rascals

And while the perverse discussion about whether eBooks sells better than paper books is making people go crazy, a bunch of “little rascals” is organizing a festival (or a party, as they prefer to define it) devoted to paper. But, how? Wasn’t it dead? It seemed to be only good for wiping our butts and blowing our noses; nevertheless, paper is here to stay. Paper. What is… Continue reading Paper lovers little rascals

Send a letter to Tim

Ok, no more Ethernet port, I can get over it… Ok, no Usb-a, times change. Ok, no glowing apple logo, small displeasure, but still fine. OK, no start up chime, a hard blow, but I will survive. Ok, no magnetically attached power connector, a huge displeasure. But… Marcello Conta designer, actually lives in Madrid (ES),… Continue reading Send a letter to Tim

Spain National Awards

This morning, the King and the Queen of Spain, together with Carmen Vela, Secretary of State of Research, Development and Innovation from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness are presiding over the awards ceremony of the National Awards for Innovation and Design 2016. And once again I’m delighted to be part of this amazing event. This year,… Continue reading Spain National Awards