Punk & Paradox

not all typefaces are created the same

Can you mention a craft where discipline and patience are very necessary other than Type Design? Surely there are a lot, still I believe designing a typeface is among the most intense.

Probably constraining yourself to urinate for six months onto 50cm framed bed sheets is quite intense too. And you need a lot of discipline. Not the discipline you would expect from a Punk Band, but Pissjar are Swedish, and they did just that. Wait, not only that, they did that to design a Typeface.

Pissjar Sans, a typeface made of piss © pissjar.com

Pissjar Sans, a typeface made of piss © pissjar​.com

You can read about it and download the typeface for free at their website here. Probably not the best typeface to choose for a wedding invitation, but, let’s be honest, they used their brushes better than Vincent Connare when he designed Comic Sans, I mean, look at that leg on the “K”! And at least this is actually a sans-serif font, unfortunately all caps though…


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