All eyes on type

All eyes on type is a Calligraphy and Fonts Festival to be held in Rotterdam this month, on the 27 and 28 of may 2017.

Organized by High on type, the Platform for education in type and calligraphy of Utrecht, it is located at 40 minutes by bus from Rotterdam.
Three kind of experiences will take place during the festival, all of them mixable of course: Lectures, one collective Exhibition and Workshops.


27 MAY 2017 – Saturday
20.30h – 22.00h
5 euro

Julien Priez  – Behance | My Fonts

Nickname BoogyPaper, come from Paris. Calligraphy, Graphic & Type Designer.
He studied at the Lycée Eugénie Cotton, Montreuil and at the Ecole Supérieure Estienne des Arts et des Industries Graphiques.

Ellmer Stefan  – Behance | Tumblr

From Oslo, Norway, founder of The Pyte Foundry, where he publish a new Display Typeface every Monday, Each Font is provided for download free-of-charge for a limited time of 7 days.



The Exhibition


Yomar Augusto  – website | Instagram

From Brasilia to Rio and finally relocated to Souther California. He trained as a graphic designer before going on to study photography at the School of Visual Arts in New York City in 2001. I don’t know when studied Masters in Type Design at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, The Netherlands.

Jay Sunsmith  – Vimeo | Instagram

from Amsterdam, He studied in the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht.

Janno Hahn  – Website

Based in Amsterdam, 1/2 dutch and 1/2 german. He frequented Graphic Lyceum in Amsterdam, the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and the Plantin Institute of Typography in Antwerp.

Mark Caneso  – pprwrkstudio | Instagram | Pstl

He’s leaving in Beaverton or Portland depending the day, Beaverton is 1 hour and 20 minutes from Portland by bike. He graduated from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, CA.
FontShop and Adobe TypeKit are distributing PSTL fonts.

Spine Studio  – Instagram

They worked in a amazing industrial halls in Meatpacking District, Copenaghen.
Jacob Haagen Birch, graphic designer, Master’s degree from Design School Kolding.
Finn Wergel Dahlgren, graphic designer, Master’s degree from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation.

Bernd Volmer  – Website | Instagram

Dutch, He’s a working as Font Engineer at FontShop / Monotype in Berlin.
He did a graphic design bachelor at the ArtEZ in Arnhem and studied Type and Media at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague from which I graduated with a master degree.

Joachim Vu  – Instagram | Behance

After studies in graphic design and years of painting letters on walls, Joachim started drawing type on his free time while working as a web designer. Along the way he had the opportunity do to lettering jobs for various local and international clients and design agencies. His love for scripts and calligraphy led to his first released typeface Vicomte FY in 2014.

Otto Baum  – Pinterest | Instagram

Berliner, his real name should be Ludwig, he was a professional gardener, He’s part of the artist collective KLUB7 where they paint murals and do exhibitions.

Roosje Klap  – Website | Vimeo

She studied Graphic Design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam Klap is head of the Graphic Design Department at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in The Hague. She initiated the design collective Design Displacement Group.

Studio AIRPORT  – Website | Instagram

From Utrecht, Maurits Wouters founder and graphic designer, he studied in the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht and Bram Broerse the other founder and he’s the strategist of the firm.
Complete the studio team, Koen Poelhekke, Lead developer and Martijn van de Zuidwind Interaction designer. 

Copenhagen Signs  – Website | Instagram

Jakob Engberg, typography designer, lettering & sign painter. He realizes workshops in his studio in Copenhagen and, incredible, this year he came to Madrid to do one, organized by the evergreen Familia Plómez.

Bogidar Mascareñas  – Behance | Domestika

From Barcelona, He studied at the Escuela Universitaria de Diseño e Ingeniería de Barcelona, and the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, 1/2 hour from Amsterdam and Rotterdam by bus.

Marina Chaccur  – Website | Instagram

From Sau Paulo Graphic designer, letter maker and Instructor, Her international education consists Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado,  London College of Communication Degree NameMaster’s Degree Field Of StudyGraphic Design/ Typography and Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, Den Haag Degree NameMaster of Arts (MA) Type and Media Field Of Study Type Design.

Bruce Tsai-Meu-Chong  – Website | Instagram

Painter of letters, small and big on every possible surface. From Rotterdam, co-owner of Opperclaes Art gallery & creative agency since 2010 for young contemporary art.




Basis course on calligraphy

27 MAY 2017 – Saturday
10.00h – 14.00h
85 euro (70 for students)
Teachers: Vincent de Boer & Guido de Boer

Basis course on script letters

28 MAY 2017 – Sunday
10.00h – 14.00h
85 euro (70 for students)
Teachers: Vincent de Boer & Hans Schuttenbeld

Basis course on Blackletter (Flat brush)

27 MAY 2017 – Saturday
10.00u – 14.00u
85 euro (70 for students)
Teachers: Hans Schuttenbeld & Guido de Boer

Masterclass on script letters (Pointed brush)

27 & 28 MAY 2017 – Saturday & Sunday
15.00h – 20.00h
240 euro (215 for students)
Teachers: Vincent de Boer & Hans Schuttenbeld


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